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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

RCT is done when
  • If there is decay in the tooth & has reached to the level of nerve in the tooth.
  • If there is injury to the teeth and nerve is exposed.
  • If there is severe sensitivity to hot and cold due to natural wear of enamel and dentin.
  • If teeth are to be reduced for putting a bridge (in selected cases).
  • If there is infection beneath the root of the tooth causing swelling & infection.

RCT is done under local anesthesia. Removal of the decayed tooth part is done with the dental drill to gain access to the nerve. The infected nerve is then removed with help of sterile needles(files). Proper cleaning and shaping of root canals is done to make sure that there is no infection is left. Sealing of root canals is done with gutta percha points to prevent future infection. Finally the tooth cavity is filled up with filling material.Complete procedure takes 3 sittings. Therefore, saving the time of the patients.

Single Sitting RCT

Off course!!! The idea of a pain free single sitting root canal treatment would make life easier for lots of people. This is possible with an expert Endodontist, who has years of experience and can give you the ultimate treatment without an ounce of pain. Jain Dental Centre has highly qualified dentists and specialists with yeras of experience.

*all root canal treated teeth are to be followed by a crown(cap) mandatorily.