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Dental Fillings

Those dark coloured silver fillings considered best till recent past are now rarely used because of:
  • The unaesthetic colour of the filling.
  • The mercury content of the amalgam.
We provide tooth coloured composite fillings which are advantageous as:
  • These fillings match to the tooth color and are difficult to differenciate.
  • These fillings bond to the tooth structure ,they last longer & are stronger.
Pit And Fissure Sealents

These are similar to dental cements but are for prophylactic use. Those teeth which have deep grooves are more prone to caries(decay),these pit and fissure sealants act by obliterating these deep groove and fissures on chewing surface of molar and premolar teeth. Thus they make these grooves smooth and allow proper cleaning and so they reduce the threat of decay to a great extent.