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Cosmetic Dentistry

Midline Diastema

Big gap in upper two middle anterior teeth which looks hideous can be taken care of with light cure laminates or ceramic veneers.

Composite / Ceramic Laminates

Used widely for various applications in cosmetic dentistry like :

  • Malformed teeth
  • Midline diastema or generalized spacing
  • Tooth fracture
  • Fluorosis (brownish discolouration)
  • Mild crowding of teeth
  • Uneven teeth margins

No more a difficult process of keeping trays filled with gel into mouth for hours every day. The latest technique lets you free of the process within 45 min with a great white teeth when you go out of the clinic.


Many a times teeth are perfectly fine but a very high lip line gives a view of gummy smile which can be taken care of with this procedure. Uneven gum margins causes asymmetrical sum line and not very impressive smile, slight modifications in gum margins can give impressive change in smile. Black or dark gingiva though normal occurrence is a matter of great concern for most of the people especially those who show a great amount of gunes while smiling or laughing. 2-3 sittings of gingival scrapping can change these to normal pink gingival depending upon the severity of darkness.

Tooth Jewellery

Small crystal is bonded on the tooth surface of front teeth to give a shine every time you smile.